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IKEA RUSSIA, Moscow / IKEA / 2021

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Pandemic forced a lot of changes in life at home for many people. We started to spend much more time at home than it was before that required us to re-consider the situation and the meaning of home

Home became multi-functional space for all our life activities – work, study, rest, sports, leisure, entertainment, etc. And if the physical adaptation of our homes for the new conditions was not the big issue (arranging space for all activities that previously took place out of home), the relationships between family members become more intense that evoke misunderstandings and conflicts.

Make the key shift in the meaning of home from how I furnish my home makes my life better to how home makes me feel makes my life better

Support people, help them re-consider the importance of their family relationships for better life at home against other things and life issues


On the launch day all products disappeared from they were replaced by what’s more important for life at better home.


Among all negative effects COVID made people in Russia put family life on the second place after the financial status and before mental/physical well-being. There was a big number of those who said their relationships remained unchanged and relationships of 23% of Russian families got worse. The difficulties of the pandemic (isolation, financial crisis, job lost, health issues, etc.) put a lot of pressure on families and not everyone was able to survive

Russian families, primarily those who feel in charge for their family relationships, want to keep them at their best, but lack of support, clarification and instruments

Giving our target audience support, instruments, ideas and clarification on how to make their family relationships better (or keep them in the best way) we help people improve the important part of their family living – the atmosphere they create at home, the relationships between people who live together.


TVC, digital, in-store, OOH

26/04/2021 – 20/06/2021


During the entire campaign period (August-October), there were 59 thousand video releases in 26 cities.

The exact figure for today is 60K

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