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Taiwan's fertility rate is the lowest in the world, which is recognized as a national security crisis. And from the traditional view, getting married and having children is considered necessary for a complete family. The double pressure of society and relatives affect the couple’s mutual trust.

As the leading brand in Taiwan real estate market, Sinyi Realty has always considered the maintenance of mutual "Trust" as their brand’s core value. We wanted to discuss the fertility issue and rethink the meaning of a family.


The fairy tales tell us that after the prince and the princess get married, they lived happily ever after. Nope! The unfinished story, let the second episode carry on.

“In Love We Trust 2” depicts a couple who long to have children, in the process of trying to have a baby, they start doubting each other. When “living your life” becomes “living to have children”, it inevitably makes the loved ones have dissatisfaction and doubt.

We cast an actual old couple and showed their family portraits. This helped the young couple understand that a happy family is not defined by how many children they have, but by the love and trust between them.

From the expectation to quarreling, and finally trust due to mutual understanding, it conveys the trust value of Sinyi Realty "Living with your trusted one, experiencing happiness and hardship, this is the real happiness in life."


Marriage, in Taiwanese culture, also has the meaning of “build a home,” and the newlyweds are an important driving force in house buying. Sinyi Realty continues the strategy of exploring social issues in the first episode and cares about the post-marriage issues faced by the newlyweds.

"In Love We Trust 2" boldly touches the unspeakable taboo of "infertility", explores the issue of fertility, and thinks about the meaning of "trust and love" for a family, once again setting off another upsurge of discussion on social issues.


Within a week of launch, it received more than 13 million views, 21k shares, and 103K likes, and netizens responded, "two people are a family too!" "I’m so touched! It shows the real life of my wife and me" "it's good for two people who trust each other to be together" "it's the best advertisement in 2021!" The film also triggered a series of discussions about family and childbirth among key opinion leaders and celebrities. Even well-known Taiwanese celebrity took the initiative to talk about the meaning of family, bringing another wave of hot topics, attracting 20+ news and media reports, creating over a million media values.

We believe realty agents are not just selling HOUSES, but a place where there is always trust and love, regardless of setbacks and happiness, whether they have children or not— a place called “HOME”.

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In Love We Trust 2


In Love We Trust 2


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