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Taiwan has the highest divorce rate in Asia and the lowest birth rate in the world. “Marriage or not” and “having children or not” are both hot topics on social media and are closely related to buying houses.

Marriage in Taiwanese culture also has the meaning of “build a home,” and newlyweds are an important driving force in house buying. Therefore, Sinyi Realty, the leading brand in Taiwan’s real estate industry, wants to deeply explore the marriage and fertility issues that the target audience cares about, and thus convey the brand spirit of Sinyi Realty, the meaning of trust to a happy family.


"In Love We Trust'' series is starred by the Golden Award actor and the skillful actress as the protagonists and directed by the Golden Award director.

It shows the trust crisis faced by a couple from marriage to starting a family including two major issues of "Doubting marriage" and "having children". Watching them regain trust from doubt, the audience also starts to rethink the meaning of "trust" to "home".

-The first episode tells the story from the woman’s view-

A girl working in the household registration office. Watching people divide and reunite, she starts to doubt her future.

-The second episode uses the voice of the man to tell the doubt and introspection brought by the pressure of having children-

Talk about different social issues through different views of men and women. Happiness and trust of a family have never been a static endpoint, but a dynamic process.


-Go deep into social issues and see business potential in goodwill-

In Taiwanese culture, marriage also has the meaning of “build a home,” and newlyweds are an important driving force in house buying.

Sinyi Realty is concerned with the issues faced by the newlyweds with a series of films, the first episode explores the fear of marriage; the second episode focuses on the fertility pressure after marriage.

-Series of films go from breadth to depth-

EP1. The breadth

The love story before marriage, the dramatic tension of life and death, and the emotional scenes, aroused widespread resonance and echoes.

EP2. The depth

The family life after marriage isn’t a fairy tale, but a series of ordinary and trivial daily activities. Through the quarrels, efforts, and reconciliation between the couple, it touches the feeling and triggers the resonance.


-The original cast performs and establishes a sense of expectation-

The series of films invited the director with gold awards, also golden award actor and the well-known actress to play the protagonists, allowing audience to follow them through the two major life stages of "Doubting marriage" and "having children", as if we also grew up together, regained trust together, and looked forward to the next development of the plot.

-A more complete view of trust from different perspectives of men and women-

Ep01 from the girl’s angle to talk about the doubts before entering marriage, and Ep02 uses the man’s voice to express the helplessness and self-examination in married life. Through the different perspectives, provide a more comprehensive and profound trust relationship.

-True story adaptation shows more true emotion-

Both films are adapted from real stories.


*Nearly 30M views and more than 4M likes.

*Attracted 40+ media reports and created more than one million media dollar value.

*Became the most popular and shared film in Taiwan, letting Sinyi Realty continue to lead issues and create discussions.

*Sinyi Realty continues to be the most trusted brand in the real estate market.

*ep01 created a new term - the age of doubting marriage, triggered major news reports, even occupied the first and second pages of Google search. It also launched an online "big confession" to encourage young people to pursue happiness.

*ep02 triggered a series of discussions between many key opinion leaders and celebrities about family and having children. Even well-known celebrities took the initiative to share what is a family.

We believe realty agents are not just selling HOUSES, but a place where there is always trust and love—A place called “HOME”.

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