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Young people don't care about Shadow play any more and won't learn it.

What if we have the machine to learn it and perform it?

If that works, then:

1, We can keep those machine learning data and perform it anytime by machine which doesn't get old or die.

2, The Shadow Play with AI technology will be innovative and attractive for younger generation, it helps this art to get more media mentions.

Intel has been engaged in research and exploration of AI for years. The robotic hand Eagle Shoal is the new prototype developed by Intel Labs China. So we had this idea, to have it learn to perform the traditional shadow play.

We invited the famous shadow play artist to accept the Eagle Shoal as his apprentice following with Chinese tradition of presenting tea to master, and then put the Master and Apprentice co-performance on TV Show.


We invited Master Qin, the Chinese famous shadow play artist, to let the robotic hand become his apprentice and learn the skill. Performing shadow plays requires a very flexible cooperation with hand movements. To achieve the complex shadow play performances, we use Intel RealSense technology to capture Qin's movements sample data, converting them to the programming language for the robot hand to do deep learning. And then, it performed and generated feedback data. by capturing more and more, comparing the sample data and feed back data time by time, the robot performance is gradually modified and improved.

The Master Qin with the Intel Eagle Shoal performed the classic shadow play Wu Song Fought the Tiger on the stage of My Future by HNTV. Date of release is August 6, 2017. The head of Intel Labs China was also invited to the stage and spoke.


With about 10 days learning, the robot hand “Eagle Shoal” successfully complete the classic shadow play show “Wu Song Fought the Tiger” with Master Qin Ligang. Through “My Future” by HNTV which is Chinese most influential satellite TV station, and more than 60 million people have been attracted by the shadow play, and found the traditional show also very cool and modern, and began to be interested in it.

67M online exposure (articles + video clips)

350 Media Clippings

27M TV show online viewership

Top 1 Micro-blog topic list (entertainment category)

430K Social Engagement

Top 3 Entertainment TV Program on August 6th, 2017

According to a 3rd party research, 45% of TV audiences got awared Intel is not just a chip manufacturer for the first time.

Within the month the TV's on air, the traffic to Master Qin's shadow play museum has been increased for more than 35%.

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