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In the KT iPhone Film Project, the movie in itself is creativity, media and contents.Strategy & the IdeaOur Key Idea is the convergence of advertisement and movies.

The core strategy is to integrate the campaign tool, the movies, with advertisement, media and promotion into a single content.KT, the supplier of iPhone in Korea, the home of Samsung Galaxy, which is the smart phone sold the most in the world .There was a need for new advertisement campaign that is suitable for iPhone that brought innovation in mobile life. Accordingly, totally new attempt of enabling the consumers to personally experience the wonders of iPhone through the extreme challenge of [shooting movie with iPhone4].ExecutionThe production of the movie was carried out through process that is the same as actual movies from production to releasing and participation in film festival in order to ensure complete experience of consumers. Posters and preview clips were produced by adopting actual movie marketing process, and cinema preview for the reporters was held prior to releasing of the movie. The encounter of technological innovation and art aroused attention of countless mass media at home and abroad, and quickly spread throughout the world through SNS. ‘Night Fishing’ became a ‘true movie’ with its quality and value as a movie fully recognized rather than an ‘advertisement that mimicked movie’ by winning the Gold Bear Award at the Berlin Film Festival.ResultsPress Report – 591 local media reports, 121 global media reports Views on YouTube - 352,662 timesthe sales of iPhone4 increased by approximately 69%(2010.12~2011.1) and the level of favorable impression of KT brand increased by 18%Key mass media in Korea reported that the projected advertisement effect of ‘iPhone Film Project’ to be approximately US$160 Million and it is anticipated that the project achieved effects that are approximately 50 times the cost of investment of the campaignHowever, we find greater significance in the fact that the project was able to fully realize the ‘new mobile life’ that iPhone is emphasizing.Smart phone film festivals are being held successfully, diverse range of contents on the know-how on shooting films with smart phone are being produced and proliferated.

KT iPhone Film Project is altering the world in its truest sense by not only imparting affirmative effect on enterprises and brand names but also by changing the thoughts of individuals.

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