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It Can Wait

BBDO NEW YORK, New York / AT&T / 2017

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Case Film






This case study describes how AT&T's It Can Wait campaign zeroed in on a stunning consumer insight to inform a campaign that changed attitudes, which changed behavior and in turn reduced the number of crashes, ultimately saving lives.

o Mobile technologies have brought immense benefits to the world. But they have also facilitated some behaviors that harm – like driving while distracted by a smartphone. This was a behavior AT&T wanted to change.

o "Just a glance" is never just a glance: our insight was that, in people’s minds, casual glances at their phone did not constitute distracted driving. The goal of our campaign was to make them very conscious of the very real consequences of their split-second distractions. And to override their “optimism bias” that these situations couldn’t happen to them.

o We also broadened our audience of previous campaigns, from just teenagers to include adults too – who had lulled themselves into a false sense of security.

o We got people’s attention with a provocative case film, “Close to Home,” which was launched on YouTube with 30-second cut downs running on national TV. We partnered with other agencies to create PR around the film as well as deeper engagement with the issue through media partnerships with Wattpad and ESPN and contextual messaging and ad retargeting that created more impact.

o We successfully increased awareness of the risks of distracted driving from 65% to 70% and increased the number of people who perceive distracted driving as a problem from 74% to 80%. We broader perceptions across the board of what constituted distracted driving and ultimately reduced risky behavior that contributes to distracted driving, saving lives in the process.

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