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Brand partner, Jeep, was eager to launch a creative campaign for their new plug-in electric vehicle. We offered bespoke content partnership (films) that thematically aligned with BBC America’s new nature series, Eden: Untamed Planet; giving viewers a real look at the new Jeep in a natural environment tied into an original story that leaned into the beauty of our world – and the need to protect it.

The goal was to tell a quietly impactful story about preserving the few places left in this country that are untouched by pollution. Tying to our BBC America nature series, Eden: Untamed Planet, we knew our viewers would engage with this content on digital, social and linear. We wanted to organically weave in the plug-in electric Jeep which plays a character in the story.


Dark Skies is an original short-form, chapterized, docu-style story that showcases the ultra-quiet, plug-in hybrid Jeep Wrangler 4xe, in alignment with BBC America’s nature series, Eden: Untamed Planet. This film follows astrophotographer Antoine Ribaut and photographer Amber Terranova in search of clear night skies. The director and crew produced stunning footage of their quest, shot on empty desert roads, rugged mountain trails, and lonely mountaintops.

Over the course of the Eden: Untamed Planet event, each part of Dark Skies was posted on Instagram and Facebook, building to the full stitched “Dark Skies” piece released on Facebook and IGTV. Coinciding with that, we created engaging IG Stories promoting our journey that fans could “Swipe Up” to watch more. This also lived on our websites. We built linear promotional drivers to ramp up excitement and encourage viewers to watch each episode, directing them to stream content on social and digital platforms.


Our partnership created a breakthrough short film series, Dark Skies, around BBC America’s new landmark series Eden: Untamed Planet. The benefit of the partnership was the organic alignment between the electric eco-friendly Jeep Wrangler 4xe and our nature programming, deepening the connection between the Jeep brand, nature programming, and global conservation efforts.

To drive home this connection to consumers and promote the electric Jeep Wrangler 4xe to Eden’s audience on all platforms, we built a unique, beautiful, adventurous story to inspire and encourage viewers to look inward to find their own personal Eden within their environment. Dark Skies is a 3-part adventure film journey featuring an astrophotographer and photographer using the Jeep Wrangler 4xe as the vehicle to find the perfect night sky and get emersed in this unique stargazing experience.


We successfully created an original adventure story, integrating the Jeep Wrangler 4xe into a documentary series, taking the vehicle to a remote place in North America to view stars of distant galaxies from the comfort of the astonishingly quiet Wrangler 4xe. By creating the films and leveraging the audience of Eden: Untamed Planet and nature content fans, we were able to produce outstanding results across social and digital, building in weekly promotion at multiple touchpoints.

From pitch to execution, it was a year-long project shot in a remote location during COVID over 3-4 days.

We crafted a strategic plan to distribute this one-of-a-kind content across all our platforms throughout Eden’s run, reaching viewers everywhere they seek Eden: Untamed Planet content. This was a national campaign that reached millions of consumers, Eden Fans and Jeep fans – targeting audiences with bespoke content across Linear, digital, Instagram and Facebook.


• Reach: Our goal for this campaign was to hit multi-million impressions across 6 weeks. Our content more than doubled our impression goal carrying impressive weight in the social space.

• Engagement: 6x more Instagram engagements then the average Media & Entertainment brand achieved over the last year. 2x more Facebook engagements than the average Media & Entertainment brand achieved over the last year. Thoughts of unique video views on

• Impact: fans raved about Jeep after viewing the content with quotes like “Jeep, but now I want to go further,” “That’s a quality vehicle,” “Great ad,” “Love this,” Wow (fire emoji),” “Andddd now I want a JEEP,” “Super cool!”

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