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At that moment in time, Jeep is getting ready to launch the Jeep Wrangler 4xe, the first ever hybrid-electric Jeep model to hit the roads in Canada.

Given Jeep’s legendary status, anticipation is high, especially in Canada, where the harsh winters make all-wheel drive a necessity, even in urban areas. And so customers are eager to find out what Jeep's take on a 4x4 EV will be, namely in Montreal, where 50% of all Jeep vehicles sold in Quebec are purchased.

The goal: to live up to the excitement by launching a campaign that will tease customers and let them know that Jeep EVs are finally coming. Ultimately, the objectives are: a) an increase in brand recognition, supported by organic coverage; b) an increase in 4xe pre-orders.

To achieve said goals with a fairly limited budget, the idea was twofold: a strong visual, with an experiential component.


The asset that was produced for the Jeep Wrangler 4xe’s launch was displayed on a billboard located in a high-traffic downtown area. It’s a flip on Jeep’s iconic grill, made to look like a charging battery.

Then, at the foot of that billboard, an EV charging station - the very one customers get upon purchasing a Wrangler 4xe - we set up, to invite EV drivers to stop by for a charge and experience its sleek design.

On the one hand, it’s a pleasant surprise offered to EV drivers during their commute. On the other hand, it’s a bit of a bold move, directly encouraging other brands’ EV vehicle’s to spend a useful moment with our brand.

Extra detail: right on the plug-in pistol was a QR code linking straight to the Wrangler 4xe’s product page, in order to give extra information to users while their vehicle is charging.


Since hybrid-electric and electric vehicles have been on the market for a while now, lots of drivers might have already adopted other brands’ EVs.

However, some EV enthusiasts probably would have chosen Jeep, if only the iconic brand had a one in its lineup. Now that it does, it was imperative to make that clear, as well as invite drivers of other brands’ EVs to switch.

To do so, why not do something nice for them specifically? For example: setting up a charging station right in the heart of a high-traffic downtown area, to invite all EV drivers to stop by for a charge. Of course, it was located right at the foot of a digital billboard displaying the teaser ad.

That way, not only was the targeted audience highly qualified, but this audience also got to enjoy a free, useful experience with the Jeep brand.


This is a creativity-driven idea. The creative idea was conceptualized first (early 2020) and put on a shelf while everyone awaited Jeep’s first EV to be launched (summer 2021).

In March 2021, it was time for the Wrangler 4xe launch campaign.This idea was brought to the table and the client chose to produce it.

Later that month, media partners were briefed about including it in the media plan, with the addition of the EV charging station. They came onboard and the campaign was implemented as part of the April 2021 media plan.


With this campaign, Jeep finally made its way into a blooming market. The iconic brand appeared on the hybrid-electric vehicles map, and into EVs enthusiasts’ mind.

With over 120,000 daily impressions on the digital billboard, we know that commuting drivers by -and especially the ones who used the charging station- got a clear message: you can count on Jeep and its technology, wherever you are.

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