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Jersey Shore Family Vacation

MTV, New York / MTV / 2018

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We knew fans were hungry for an update on their favorite gang so we positioned the new series as a reunion. And since social media had exploded since the original show’s finale, utilizing that platform had to be a big part of our marketing campaign, along with other outlets to reach our audience. Sharing content would immediately galvanize our core fans and create a buzz that would connect with new ones as well.


Starting four months out from launch, we created over 550 unique content pieces. On-air we went from announcing the show, to teasing the location, announcing the date, and revealing the show’s first look. All built off each other, delivering new moments and information to ignite the fanbase.

Socially, we doubled down on turning Thursdays into Jerzdays, shooting with the cast and utilizing their 90 million social followers to deliver content designed to look back and forward. We captured the cast watching their original casting tapes, revisiting old moments and defining classic Jersey phrases - all to fuel fan excitement.

Outdoors, we dominated Times Square, taking over billboards and the subway. We created a one-of-a-kind meatball truck to promote premiere day hype, partnered with Fabfitfun on a Jerzday survival kit given to influencers and fans, and staged premiere parties around the world. From London to Mexico City, our cast was everywhere.


+ MTV’s highest new series launch in 5 years

+ 26% of the audience was new to MTV

+ The premiere was the most social episode of reality TV ever

+ The campaign generated over 100 million social video views

+ Launched in 180+ countries, MTV’s first ever global launch

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