Cannes Lions

Journey to your Dream/Ingrid

WUNDERMAN, Boulogne-Billancourt / DANONE / 2017


1 Silver Cannes Lions
1 Shortlisted Cannes Lions
Case Film
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For ages, society has been telling women how to live their lives.

How to be women, wives, mothers, friends, how to look after themselves,

how to live or to be empowered.

We think differently.

We deeply believe in women and the power they already have within them.

In 2016, we decided to seal a partnership with a young ballerina, Ingrid Silva, making her the new brand ambassador to deliver through her story, a simple message, yet powerfully hopeful and true to our product vision:

It starts inside.

In this first person view movie lasting over 4 minutes, we put women in the shoes of Ingrid Silva, from the day she set her goals to the moment she found the strength within to reach them.

The film is a compelling experience engaging every woman with the new brand platform "It starts inside", combining emotional and functional benefits in a unique way.


From October to December 2016, the film was launched in 27 countries on Youtube, the Activia website, social media and display on a global scale. It was Danone's biggest launch for the past 5 years, and its biggest digital investment ever.


The film reached over 20 million cumulative views (website, Youtube, display etc), 350 million impressions and 8% engagement rate on average.

The film was a solid asset that helped the brand reconnect with women, switching from a purely functional message to a new brand platform.

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