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Ladies Room

MARMOSET MUSIC, Portland / SECRET / 2017

Case Film
Case Film






In order to create an emotional attachment to the main character, we knew the music needed to feel authentic and raw. To achieve this, we sought something contemporary, sparse and creative in its palette. We knew the piece had to evolve as Dana’s anxieties were overcome and have a subtle resolution as she faced her fear.


The music was licensed for one year of broadcast and two years of non-broadcast. The spot was broadcast in the United States and Canada and appeared globally online. The spot appeared as part of a nine video campaign, including two spots that collaborated with the National Football League.


As of today, the spot has 6.5M views on YouTube. It was AdWeek’s “Ad of the Day” on October 27, 2016 and ranked number 10 “Most-Watched Ads Among Women” by Ad Age on March 8, 2017. On Facebook it has 325k views, 2.2k shares and 439 comments, Additionally, it has garnered write ups from NY Magazine, Towleroad (UK), Transgender Universe, Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Self, Women’s Health, LGBT Weekly and more.

Beyond the digital reach and expansive press coverage, this brand campaign has broken down barriers by encouraging discussion around the way transgender and gender-queer people are treated in public spaces. Far more than just an advertisement, “Ladies’ Room” has given a voice to transgender women and caused people to re-think their underlying prejudices.

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