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JWT BRAZIL, Sao Paulo / FORD / 2014

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In Brazil the Lane Keeping Aid technology is something completely new and we recognized that the target audience for the Ford Fusion are loyal listeners of the rock radio stations. So the solution we fing to promote the car with this technology was to have the biggest rock station in the country, 89FM, tune in live to a completely different radio station, like it changed lanes by accident.


We made a radio station broadcast the live programming of a different radio station to promote a car. This has never been done before in Brazil, and especially on such large scale, with the biggest rock radio station in country. The live spot has huge penetration with the audience, taking listeners completely by surprise while explaining a car feature that they probably never heard of.


During the primetime evening slot when we performed the live intervention, the radio station 89FM predicts an estimate of around 70 thousand listeners tuned in in the city of São Paulo alone. The station also has a strong web streaming audience in the entire Brazilian continent at that time slot. So we were able to impact this huge amount of people with an extremely low media cost while drawing interest to the Ford Fusion and a feature that is normally not easy to explain. The spot generated huge buzz and was picked up by blogs, websites and social media channels.

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