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We took advantage of the stage where girls start going through physical changes and a lot of questions come to their minds. That moment is when their period begins and they start using sanitary pads. Sanitary pads have always been there, but nobody had ever used them as a private, precise and effective medium to deliver intimate messages that help girls prevent pregnancies. The average age when a girl has her first period is 12 years old, and, on average, at 15 they have their first sexual relation. That’s 3 years that allow for 12 sanitary pads to be delivered to them, which represent 432 messages with information about sex education.


The simplicity of this idea made it so that its implementation was very simple, practical and fast. During the first phase of this developing initiative, more than 2,000 sanitary pads were produced, to reach 700 girls. This pads were handed out in primary schools in one State with a high number of teen pregnancies.


The impact this idea has had on the media got society to start questioning the rights girls have to a more effective sex education. At the same time the importance of family and the attention girls need during this stage were put on the table. Also, a 45% increase in donations was achieved as a consequence of this project. The goal for visits to Save the Children’s website, which was set at 300,000 visits, was also surpassed. Thanks to a monthly projection of the total amount of donations received until now, it is predicted that the necessary funding needed to spread this initiative to every community in every State of the country in the next will be raised in the next few months. The idea has obtained free coverage thanks to its repercussion in the media, generating more than $350,000 USD of free media up until now.

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