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McCANN, Prague / LEGO / 2021

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LEGO has long been one of the most popular and well-known kits in the world. In recent years, however, its competition turned from other branded toys to video games. That's why more and more LEGO sets are inspired by popular games, such as Minecraft. Unfortunately, however, the knowledge of these special Lego series in the Czech Republic is not nearly as high as the legendary kit itself.

Our goal was to increase awareness of the Lego Minecraft kit among the younger target group of Czech players and bring them straight to a specific product offer in the e-shop. All this with a significantly limited media budget of CZK 200,000. Our communication goal was the intervention of min. 450,000 Czech players. As for the number of registered competitors, the goal was set at 400 active players.


Due to the set goals, we needed to intervene and address Czech players and sufficiently engage and persuade them to visit the LEGO e-shop. Therefore, we took advantage of one of the most current game trends, which is also lived by the community of fans of the game Minecraft, the so-called speedrunning. An activity where players try to complete a game or part of a game in the shortest possible time. Thousands and thousands of players compare their times and break world records. We also used this principle for our LEGO Speedrun. The players' goal this time was not to browse the video game itself but the LEGO e-shop. Without any intervention, we turned the regular product page into a game.

Our task was to increase awareness in the younger target group GenZ about special editions of LEGO kits, specifically about LEGO Minecraft.


We created a tailor-made activation directly for Minecraft players, which used the hot trend of speedrunning to turn the standard e-shop into an attractive playing field. On the way to winning, participants had to look in detail at specific Minecraft kits and click through the product offering. During the competition, the contestants contacted themselves to consult with us about their game tactics and ideas. After announcing the results, dozens of them responded thanks for the activity that pulled them out of of everyday life during the hardest covid lockdown and provided them with challenges and fun. This reaffirmed that a campaign aimed at the target group of players, who speak to them in their language and address topics that interest them, can address them and swing them to a specific action.


The contestants' goal was to find objects and characters they knew from a video game on the web in the shortest possible time, and which they could also find in a LEGO building set. In addition to the PR campaign on gaming websites, we also involved selected influencers in the communication, who are close to the game of Minecraft, to really address only the affinity part of our target group. We let influencers start our speedrun and share our results with the fans, who then began to compete in their competition times, in the comments on social networks, and in the competition itself.

We didn't just want to show gamers that there is an offline version of their favorite game, but create a campaign that will attract and actively engage our target group without high costs. And at the same time, it takes them straight to the e-shop.


Thanks to the original gamification of the e-shop, we managed to excite our target group so that the number of participants exceeded our initial expectations many times over. In less than three weeks of the campaign, over 1,000 contestants entered, uploading 1,305 contest videos (compared to the originally planned 400 entries). Despite the minimal media investment (less than CZK 200,000), we were able to reach more than 550,000 young Czech players and attract their attention from video games back to the classic Lego kit. The number of registered competitors exceeded the original target by more than 150%.

Results in numbers:

• 9500 visitors to the competition microsite

• 550,000 total hits

• 1019 competing speedrunners

• 1305 speedruns

• 2.9s fastest speedrun

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