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Legs to Fly

AFRICA, Sao Paulo / ESPN / 2017

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Based on the power of transformation via sports, we used children’s fertile imagination as well as the power of dreams and invited great sports celebrities to “donate” their legs to children that wear prosthesis.

Neymar, Marta, Medina, Artur Nory, and Anderson Silva scanned their legs origination a 3D material that gave shape to the cover of prosthesis for marginalized children. So, they could feel their idol’s self-esteem and be admired by the group that used to reject them. No more “wooden-leg boy”. Now it’s the “boy with the most amazing legs ever”.


In this project, we combined different technological techniques for a greater good: transforming marginalized kids’ lives using the power of sports. The innovations are: digital scanning, 3D modelling and 3D printing that together change the perception of the little ones that wear the prosthesis.

So, in a playful way, we promoted a leg transplant. After resizing and materializing the legs of great sports celebrities they are donated to children that wear prosthesis. And this way, they have their self-esteem improved by their idols and begin to feel accepted and admired in the context they live.


In the website it is possible to find the 3D model of the legs of all the athletes that took part in the project. Anyone can access it and download the cover for left or right prosthesis. We also inform a list of partners that can help in the process, measuring the child’s prosthesis to resize and print the cover. With the power of the 3D Hubs as our partners, we could deliver to children anywhere in the world.

Now we are working on making this printing cheaper so that the legs of their idols can be affordable by any children around the world.

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