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In July 2017, Hyundai is only 3 months away from a strategic launch of its new SUV, the Kona, but the competition is fierce in this segment.

Our problem

>How to create a mechanism that meets Hyundai's primary goal: to collect qualified and intentional Kona leads.

>How to emerge in a complex period of the summer when audiences are less addressable in classical channels and often in a holiday context.

>How to propose a concept robust enough to hold until the end of September and powerful enough to emerge.

Our goals

>Develop a qualified lead collection mechanism to generate at least 1505 complete profiles (last name, first name, email, address, telephone number, opt-in call back test drive).

>Develop brand name awareness to best prepare for launch

>Enhance the innovation dimension of the brand and bring back to the vehicle, its design and USP products in a fun way


By using Facebook and Messenger, Hyundai has very strong targeting capabilities on its target commercial audiences : brand and modele intentionists. In addition, Messenger as a new communication channel is also a channel of support that allows to harvest natively the data optins of the users according to their course and discussion.

The heart of the activation is based on the personalization of the experience. The claim of the TV campaign on KONA is "You drive it, you define it". We chose to offer a personalized experience based on the personality of the individuals. In an intimate conversational channel - the Facebook messaging - we were able to offer Internet users to personalize their experience by choosing to progress in a story of which they were the hero.


For the reading contract to be credible with our targets, it was necessary to bring realism to the story and to the narration. To make it real, we produced content directly on site with a famous influencer on Instagram in Hawaii. Through his eyes, we captured real photographs that illustrated and enriched the Kona story. This content co-construction strategy kept the high levels of engagement on the campaign.

We created a Messenger Chat bot to collect natively personal data (name, phone number, address..) directly into the story.

After that first phase of awareness and affnity with the new Kona, the chatbot has traformed into a car configurator : where users had the possibility to choose the color of the car etc...

First phase was live during the summer (july-august) and the second phase at the launch (september 17).

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