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A beautiful world of animation fills the scene.

Gracefully soaring through endless skies, migrating geese watch over the world’s food, water and the environment. From the enchanting cityscape of Paris to bountiful plains waiting to be harvested, they fly. Our perspective changes from a bird’s eye view to fish’s eye view, and we are immersed in water teeming with life. We return to the surface and follow flowing clean, clear water carried by a pipeline to the city, and then climb to a bird’s eye view as the flock continues its global journey winding through skyscrapers to a verdant park in the heart of the city. Zooming in on the eye of the bird, we see a reflection of the revolving earth, and then against brilliant greens and blues of our planet, the logo of KUBOTA - the company committed to bettering the world’s food, water and environment – appears.


“Traveling and seeing the world from a bird’s eye perspective.” Based on this CM concept, 3DCG was chosen to imbue the animation with a sense of depth and to express soaring flight. However, 3DCG was not used to create the entire background. Particular attention was paid to enhance the picturesque artistic quality of the background while striving to match it to the 3DCG as closely as possible through a process of trial and error. Consequently almost all the cuts are 2D background projected on 3D, and then the character animation is added. The result is an animation in which the birds appear to soar in the world of pictorial painting.

In many conventional animation works, skies are the color of the sky, green is green, and clouds are the color of clouds, but in this animation, seeing the world through the eyes of a bird was forefront in our minds. Unlike people, it is said that birds can see color in four primary colors. In order to depict the world as seen by the bird, we extensively inserted pastel colors. Originally composed for this animation, the music is a recording of a live orchestra performance. The music enhances not only the high quality of the work, but also the sense of scale.

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