Cannes Lions

Try For Dreams.

DENTSU INC., Tokyo / KUBOTA / 2020







Isuru spends his days playing rugby with his friends.

One day, his mother collapses, forcing Isuru to give up rugby for walks to a well every day to get water in his mother’s place.

Upon hearing of his situation, Isuru’s friends help him fetch water, showing Isuru that helping others is a noble thing to do.15 years later, we see Isuru working for Kubota in order to help others and people rejoicing as water pipes are laid in their village.

In his hometown, his friends are playing rugby. Isuru cheers up one of his friends who got tackled. The scene showing the five of them walking together turns into a montage of the days when they all carried water home together. Through this story about how noble it is to help others, we showed the Kubota spirit of “wanting to help those in need”.

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