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VOSKHOD, Ekaterinburg / NACHEKU.RU / 2012

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Client: is a new link-sharing web service and a type of ‘anti’-social network, where users can access any type of information without revealing any personal data.Goal: To promote the service in Ekaterinburg, display its unique features, and spread the idea that social networks are unsafe to a wider audience. When posting personal data and photos, users are posing a serious risk to their image and reputation.Solution: We invented a fictional school teacher, called Ludmila Frolova, whose daughter supposedly posted some pictures of her mum wearing nothing but a swimsuit. These pictures caused outrage amongst the parents of her pupils.


Step 1. An installation was set up in the middle of Ekaterinburg city centre, featuring a bed and a large photo of Ludmila in a swimsuit. This installation immediately stirred up huge interest in the media. Ludmila’s pictures were all over the TV evening news and the internet.Step 2. We tipped off reporters that the campaign was started by the school children’s parents, outraged by the teacher’s ‘amoral’ behaviour. The media turned the story into such a scandal that the entire city was talking about Ludmila’s swimsuit pictures.Step 3. On behalf of Ludmila we contacted the media, begging them to stop it and leave her alone. However, the story was only just starting to gain momentum. ‘Naked Ludmila’ was the week’s top story and an internet meme.Step 4. We revealed all, informing the media that Ludmila Frolova never really existed, and that the project was commissioned by


Result: The name, as well as the disgraced teacher story was instantly all over the evening news, blogs, forums etc., and the website received over 60,000 hits the following week. Additionally, we got free (earned) media worth $200,000.

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