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MEC, Dubai / SONY / 2010

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Instead of doing the normal, boring, traditional sponsorship, Xperia was creatively integrated for 5-7 minutes into the programming of main evening business news of CNBC Arabia. Stock-market news segment (covering 9 regional markets) was created & aired LIVE on Xperia itself with the 9 panels being demonstrated. Here each panel of the Xperia ‘became’ a market & when touched by the presenter, it ‘behaved’ exactly like how the panel would behave on the phone.A programming team created the back-end software to actually replicate the look & feel, the buttons & panels of Xperia. This software was crucial to demonstrating the panels when the presenter “touched” the phone LIVE on TV.

It was a never-done-before execution by any brand in the region & it brought the central idea of “Information at your fingertips” to life, ultimately wrapping the viewer in the Xperia experience; supported with 30”spots during primetime.


Sales for the brand in the recession-hit region overshot the initial sales target by 7% in the 2 months of the activation!Generated media exposure worth over US$1.6 million!

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