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MINDSHARE , Los Angeles / LIONSGATE / 2016

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We put our fans into Panem, the fictional world of the movie, and introduced new teens to the world of The Hunger Games by launching the first-ever nationwide Snapchat Filter integration. We divided the US into 14 geo-targeted regions, representing 13 districts and The Capitol, each with their own unique Snapchat filter. The filters asked fans to #Unite for Katniss, mirroring the key plot that sees the heroine join forces with citizens to overthrow The Capitol.

Snapchat was the fastest-growing social network among teens with 100 million users daily. One of Snapchat’s most popular feature is the filter, a location-based image or text overlay that you can add to your photos. Filters were ideal for our launch because you can customize them by location, which not only allowed fans to imagine they were in Panem, but also created an exclusive but shared custom experience for fans and non-fans alike.


Our activation centered around three key pillars:

• Promote Mockingjay’s presence on Snapchat via our existing social channels, which also instructed fans to follow us for new content.

o Following our launch, our geo-targeted filters went live for 24 hours, promoting Mockingjay’s presence to fans and non-fans. Once users realized that they were located within a Panem district, they were eager to share with friends across districts and were inspired to unite with Katniss for the upcoming movie finale.

• Drive engagement to our account and cultivate new audiences by releasing a stream exclusive content to keep fans coming back for more, including a video of Katniss wearing her iconic red Mockingjay suit for the first time.

o Cast member Willow Shields also took over our Snapchat account during Comic-Con.

• Eventize release among the teen audience by launching 2 new filters exclusive only to US high schools and movie theaters nationwide.


• Snapchat filter uses: we generated 3.2 million filter uses, yielding 61 million impressions.

• Most tweeted about movie: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II was the most tweeted about movie at Comic-Con beating not just Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad but even Star Wars.

• Twitter conversation: District filters in July increased Twitter daily conversation about the film by 115%.

• Multi-million box office opening weekend: Our custom filter activations, new and exciting user experience, and the shareability and virality of our campaign re-ignited core fans and converted teens unfamiliar with the franchise, contributing to the film’s USD 101 million opening weekend in the US.

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