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MEKANISM, New York / PEPSICO / 2012






We helped put Brisk back on the map in 2011, doubling our client’s business and growing a Facebook community from 15,000 to over 1 million strong. Pepsi’s sales expectations were very high to continue this skyrocketing growth, and the biggest challenge was to follow up such a successful year with more growth and to continue to entertain our audience. Our strategy was to build Brisk into an entertainment company, not just a beverage company, so we forged a partnership with the most popular franchise in the Galaxy: Star Wars. We built a complex ecosystem between the product, traditional advertising, and digital content, but the true centerpiece of the campaign was the Brisksaber app, a highly addicting free mobile game that turns your finger into a lightsaber. Players can pledge your allegiance to the Dark Side or the Light Side and battle against key characters from the epic franchise. The way to progress through the game was to buy specially marked Brisk bottles with codes to redeem on Brisksaber, thus creating a real loop between sales and entertainment. Other campaign highlights included an animated broadcast and online spot, a mobile grassroots tour to meet up with fans, and Brisk Star Wars radio, print and social executions for retailers. Ultimately though, by giving the Brisk audience an app, we put the brand in their pocket, exposing them to more brand messaging than a 30 second spot could ever do. We entertained them with something they actually cared about, and we created a massive mobile network from scratch that allowed us to re-engage with our audience in ways we were never able to prior to the launch of the campaign.Our goal for consumers was to engage and entertain them in a big way, and our audience ate the app up! Only two months after launch Brisksaber had been installed over 1.5 million times and played over 12 million times, with average engagement time with the brand via the app around 10 minutes. For Pepsi, our goal was to help them launch their 1-liter format drink and push sales for the brand overall. Only two months in, Brisk’s 1-liter business was up 50%, with overall sales up 27% across the board for the Brisk brand. Lastly, during the campaign the Brisk became a coveted billion dollar brand within the Pepsi Family.

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