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Stress is an essential factor that affects pediatric patients' willingness for treatment and even treatment results. However, the hospital is a scary and fearful place for every child. Children especially need enough time and psychological comfort to be stably ready for the treatment they need.

Therefore, Hyundai Motor Group and SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital decided to initiate a project to help these children via EAVC technology, which is under development through a joint research project with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Labs, led by the Hyundai Motor Group R&D headquarters.

*EAVC(Emotion Adaptive Vehicle Control) is a next-generation technology that will be actively used in future mobility and self-driving cars to secure drivers' safety and mental stability.

Through this project, Hyundai Motor Group intended to demonstrate the possibility of their next-generation technology through positive social impact.


If a typical children's toy car is simply to entertain children, Little Big e-Motion can be Therapy Car with emotion recognition technology. Children experience extreme stress or fear in the course of treatment in hospitals. Therefore, Little Big e-Motion tried to apply bio-signal measurement technology to identify emotions and physical conditions and help children refresh by introducing various entertainment functions.

For example, when a child moves to an operating room, using Little Big e-Motion, not a hospital bed, can relieve anxiety. Little Big e-Motion helps turn the painful healing process into a fun play process.

Little Big e-Motion provides an exceptional mobility experience that can be delivered to children suffering in bed. Little Big e-Motion will turn the dreaded travel experience in hospitals into a pleasant one. It will also serve as an opportunity to check the possibility of mobility, which can help hospitals outside of the road.


Hyundai Motor Group's Little Big e-Motion film is meaningful because it has informed the audience that mobility can go beyond 'mobility as a transportation' to 'mobility conveying greater emotional value' to customers as a life partner an platform.

The campaign shows the benefits of future technology and the vision of next-generation mobility that Hyundai Motor Group pursues as a "smart mobility solution provider."

Little Big e-Motion, which appeared in the campaign, showed a new possibility of mobility by reducing pain and providing pleasure for patients. It also emphasized the utilization of mobility that can be used in a hospital space, beyond just the role of a car responsible for transportation.

Because of this, the campaign drew out truthful and organic engagement and response from the audience. As well as provided an opportunity to experience EAVC technology to be implemented in the future era of autonomous driving in advance.


Hyundai Motor Group is trying to evolve into a smart mobility solution provider in the face of the automotive industry's electrification. The critical point is that it can contribute positively to society through future mobility and new technologies. This is in line with the "human-centered progress" pursued by the company.

Using the EAVC technology, Little Big e-Motion demonstrates that the brand's next-generation technology can be used within various customers' lives, like reducing stress and providing a pleasurable experience at the hospital.

When designing the mini car, we focused foremost on the fact that it's for sick children, not adult drivers. So we worked closely with hospital staff, doctors, and psychologists during the development to deep dive into children's minds.

The hardware design is based on Hyundai's 45 EV concept car, but the overall shape and edges were meade rounder for children's safety. Soft pastel colors were chosen for comfort. Like this, every hardware/software and UX design underwent child-friendly customization to be most helpful for young patients.

We visited SJD Hospital in January 2020 to initiate the project. Until the car was shipped to Barcelona in September, we continued making these adjustmets to various touchpoints and interventions.

The campaign received ample attention from viewers and the press after it aired in December. Approximately 26,456,717 views were achieved (28% more exposure / 3510% more positive responses / 19% more views achieved compared to media cost execution). And more than 82 domestic / 51 foreign media spread the news organically.

The project aims to spread out more. Countless viewers have commented that they want to try out this heartwarming technology. Since campaign launch, 75 child patients have experienced our car, and research is halfway in its progress. When it is finished, Hyundai Motor Group hopes to enhance and reproduce Little Big e-Motion worldwide.


1) Impressions : Approximately 82,990,670

Views : Approximately 26,456,717

Positive Engagement : Over 196,004 Globally

2) Performance : 28% more exposure / 3510% more positive responses / 19% more views achieved compared to media cost execution.

3) Organic PR : More than 82 domestic media outlets, and more than 51 reports have been made on the Little Big E-Motion project in various countries around the world.

4) Scalable Value : Countless viewers have commented that they want to try out this heartwarming technology. Since campaign launch, 75 child patients have experienced our car, and research is half way through its progress. When it is finished, Little Big e-Motion can be reproduced for bigger good.

*Hyundai Motor Group plans to continue fine-tuning its EAVC technology and hopes to expand the use of this next-generation technology in mobility devices in the future to enhance driver safety and well-being.

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