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Lobos 1707 Social Campaign Launch

YOUNG HERO, New York / LOBOS 1707 / 2021

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Hand-crafted in Mexico and aged in PX wine barrels from Spain, Lobos 1707 Tequila and Mezcal boasts a rich brand legacy inspired by a centuries old distillation and aging process. In preparation for the brand’s official launch, Lobos 1707 set out to differentiate itself from its competitors in a crowded tequila market. As part of the go-to-market strategy, a comprehensive social media campaign for Instagram was required to establish an Instagram presence, boost followers and build brand value through content that connected with diverse target audiences.


The social media launch on Instagram was a key component of the brand go-to-market strategy, which required delivery within four months. The tight launch deadline was necessitated by delivery in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, one of the peak sales windows for tequila in the U.S.

The brand platform and social media assets were developed with inclusivity in mind, targeting tequila fans, enthusiasts and casual drinkers from all walks of life. The overall brand strategy and creative celebrates diversity and welcomes everyone to a seat at the table.

To bring the campaign to life in the midst of a global pandemic, production of social media assets required adherence to COVID-19 safety protocols and managing international teams in the U.S. and Mexico.


The social media launch campaign on Instagram was executed by a tight-knit team of creatives, from concept to completion, in under four months.

Prior to brand launch, an Instagram grid collage filled with colorful design and photography assets was published to reflect the brand’s visual identity, introduce company stakeholders and showcase each of the premium spirits. The mixed media collage juxtaposed brand elements to build upon the concept of unity and strength of the pack.

Influencers and key stakeholders were provided with a suite of brand assets and a rallying #AllForThePack hashtag to share during launch week. Key influencers were also shipped a limited edition Book of Lobos offering to share in Instagram unboxing videos.

At launch, a series of social media films were also published to Instagram, including the hero anthem film, Liquid Stories and ancillary video content to showcase the brand’s craft and legacy.


The Instagram social media launch campaign earned Lobos 1707 more than 21 million new Instagram followers in two months. The Book of Lobos resulted in more than 200M Instagram impressions and participation from high-profile influencers, including Lebron James, Draymond Green, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Gabrielle Union, Dia Simms, Kevin Love, Karla Welch, Mike Mencia, Dee Murthy and Dwayne Wade, among others.

Additionally, the “Build A Bigger Table” brand anthem film, four Liquid stories and “Building the Table” behind the scenes film have a combined total of more than 48,000 views on Instagram alone to date. The campaign met all objectives, including establishing the brand profile, earning followers and connecting with audiences through engaging content on Instagram.

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