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The Book of Lobos

YOUNG HERO, New York / LOBOS 1707 / 2021

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Hand-crafted in Mexico and aged in PX wine barrels from Spain, Lobos 1707 Tequila and Mezcal boasts a rich brand legacy inspired by a centuries old distillation and aging process. To celebrate the brand’s storied history, The Book of Lobos limited edition offering for its Extra Añejo tequila was designed and distributed to key stakeholders and influencers to promote the brand launch on social media channels. The Book of Lobos was a key component of the brand’s social media strategy and go-to-market plan, which was developed by a tight-knit team of creatives, from concept to completion, in under four months.


The Book of Lobos was developed to celebrate Lobos 1707’s storied history, which goes back nearly five centuries and was passed down by Founder and CCO Diego Osorio’s great-great-grandfather. To convey the authenticity and rich tradition of Lobos 1707 Tequila and Mezcal, a premium, limited edition product was developed and targeted as a luxury promotional offering for high-profile influencers and brand stakeholders.


The Book of Lobos limited edition Extra Añejo tequila was designed as a vintage book with visual and typographical elements that reflect the brand’s identity and Lobos (the Spanish word for “wolf”) theming. Inspiration for the Book of Lobos was derived from the environment that surrounds the brand’s history and heritage in Mexico, including a color palette adapted from real-world elements that originate the tequila-making process. Within the book’s hollow pages, a regal bottle of Extra Añejo and two glasses for sharing a drink are elegantly displayed.


The Book of Lobos resulted in more than 200 million Instagram impressions and participation from high-profile influencers, including Lebron James, Draymond Green, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Gabrielle Union, Dia Simms, Kevin Love, Karla Welch, Mike Mencia, Dee Murthy and Dwayne Wade, among others. Influencer engagement aided in building brand value and earning Lobos 1707 more than 21 million new Instagram followers within two months of launch.

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