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BBDO NEW YORK, New York / LOWE'S / 2013

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Lowe’s is the second largest home improvement retailer in the world. As a part of the “Never Stop Improving” brand campaign, social media is used to help people discover new ways to improve their homes and their lives.

When Vine launched their looping, six-second video app, we saw an opportunity.

We knew that our Facebook and Twitter audiences would appreciate quick improvement tips; like how to remove a stripped screw, or how to quickly clean a cookie sheet.

So we set out to bring tips to life as (extremely) short films on Vine. We called it Lowe’s Fix in Six.

These entertainingly useful videos helped users think differently about improving little things in their daily life. Initially, we produced a dozen stop-motion Vine videos that paid off this strategy.

We knew that Twitter was the primary vehicle for driving engagement around Vine videos. While a lot of Twitter advertising is uninspired and product-focused, we considered this an opportunity to promote content consistent with what users enjoy seeing in their Twitter streams.

By targeting the individuals we deemed most likely to benefit from (and enjoy) our six-second tips, we seeded the Vine videos into the Twitter community in a way that felt less like advertising, and more like sharing interesting content. And based on the audience’s response, that’s exactly how it was interpreted.

Instead of forcing people to view an ad, we gave them something they wanted. And they rewarded us by sharing the Vine videos across Twitter, Facebook, and of course, Vine itself.

At the outset of the campaign, the press recognized Lowes Fix In Six as the first branded effort to “crack the code” of Vine, using it as a strategic communications device rather than a novelty. Dozens of articles and press mentions hailed Lowe’s as the first brand to bring meaning to a platform so often associated with trivial content.

Users showed their enjoyment by sharing the content like crazy across Twitter, Facebook, and Vine; roughly a week from launch, the campaign has already generated 28,000 mentions across social media.

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