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TMW, London / LYNX / 2012

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Will Kelly fall for you?The campaign takes the form of an interactive and personalised video starring Kelly Brook as an archangel who is stuck in heaven, only to be released when she finds ‘The One’ (the viewer).

Days before the TVC broke ‘fallen angels’ infiltrated the Lynx Facebook page and make teaser comments about their search for ‘The One’. To drive traffic to the page we created a series of banners and digital OOH asking the question – Will Kelly fall for you?Once there, viewers could interact with the video, where a trinity of angels work tirelessly to find the legendary human who when combined with the scent of Lynx Excite will release Kelly.

The Facebook Connect functionality allowed viewers to create a personalised filmic experience. Using Google Earth, she even falls to earth outside their home. Viewers were then able to share their experience with their Facebook friends.


The campaign resulted in an additional 80,000 Facebook fans, 25,000 likes, comments and posts, 94,092 app views and 100,000 You Tube teaser views. We had a 35% repeat visit rate and an average view time of 5.52 minutes. This culminates in a total combined view time equivalent to 354 days!The campaign achieved a huge amount of awareness. The success was so great that Excite became the second best-selling variant with 3.8% value share.

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