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BBC CREATIVE, London / BBC / 2018

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We created BBC MAKE ME, a first of its kind mood matcher for content that live within Facebook. The interactive product serves users with content based on their mood.

So if they want to get pumped for a night out, BBC MAKE ME serves them a high energy clip, or if they want to have a good laugh it serve them something funny.

BBC MAKE ME hosts hundreds of clips that are constantly updated. It was the first media player to live in a Facebook post.


BBC launched a first of its kind interactive mood matcher for content. It ran four Thursday 4 May 2017 – Friday 9 June 2017 weeks across Facebook and was promoted through targeted strategy.

BBC Make Me launched with targeted Facebook ads. Each ad featured a singular clip from the service that the user was most likely to engage with.

BBC Make Me is constantly updated with clips as new BBC content airs.


After using BBC Make Me, 72% of the audience felt that the BBC has content ‘for them’.

BBC Make Me is becoming a permanent BBC product.

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