Cannes Lions

Make Time for Snapple

DEUTSCH LA, Los Angeles / DR. PEPPER / 2017







People need to take more breaks. Luckily for them, there’s a fun, interesting fact under every Snapple cap. It’s a built-in break we’ve been supplying for years.

In this spot, someone opens a bottle of Snapple. Suddenly, we’re in an office breakroom. We see an employee, Phil, having lunch when an upset mango walks over. The mango drops a smelly container of fish in front of the man and accuses him of re-heating fish in the office—a terrible workplace sin. The man stares at the mango’s featureless face and apologizes. He didn’t even know the mango could smell. This only offends the mango even more. He continues lecturing the man, then whispers into his ear, “I can smell everything.”

With a pop of the cap, we snap back to Phil taking a break with a Snapple and reading the fact under his cap: “Mangoes have “noses.””

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