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LANDOR & FITCH, Hamburg / ARIEL / 2023


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Child safe packaging was an important innovation to keep kids safe.

Because even everyday objects can become a danger when put to the test of children’s curiosity and determination.

But in today’s world, child safe packaging creates big ESG challenges:

By preventing children from getting in, current solutions prevent anybody with dexterity impairments from getting in as well.

People with disabilities, elderly people… That’s more than a billion people worldwide with no access to essential everyday products.

Child safe packaging ends up making many products inaccessible to more than kids.

On top of that, they are mostly made of plastic, because alternate materials like cardboard are deemed too fragile.

Bad for accessibility, bad for the planet, child safe packs needed to change.


We want to keep all kids out of our boxes, but let all adults in. Especially the dexterity impaired. For that, we needed to find what made a kid different from all adults.

If we did, we could leverage that difference for our new locking system.

The answer was an overlooked but simple fact:

Adults have bigger hands than kids.

So we created a locking system that uses hand size as a key instead of dexterity.

And we made it out of recycled and recyclable cardboard.


We had to solve three problems at the same time.

Make safety locks accessible to all adults, make safety locks inaccessible to all kids, make safety locks out of cardboard.

On the one hand, we needed a solution that was easy to open for everyone, whatever the dexterity challenge they are facing, on the other, we needed a solution that would resist the determination and inventiveness of children who absolutely want to find out what is in the box.

The approach was simple, we worked with both groups in parallel, iterating pack after pack in real life conditions until it worked for both audiences.

A safety lock that every adult could open, made of cardboard, and that children could not force their way into.

It took over 200 prototypes and 12 patents to reach our goal, but we got there.


We created the ECOCLIC®.

A simple & straightforward cardboard locking mechanism that can only be opened by adult sized hands, but ALL adult hands.

To achieve this, we leveraged hand span combined to a two-part locking system. Only by using the thumb and ring finger at the same time can someone open the box. And that is done through two simple cardboard flaps.

But this wasn’t enough. We needed to prevent kids from tearing the cardboard box open.

So, we introduced a patented reinforcement system that made our new box just as resistant as plastic ones, but much better for the planet.

It may be cardboard, it may seem simple. But today it’s the only box in market that ticks the 3 boxes of kid-proof, sustainable and truly accessible to all.

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