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As HORNBACH is known for its passion for projects and a fair share of madness. It is the German Institution/Establishment for DIY competence.

Online tutorials that show how to install a shower or to lay tiles are totally fine. HORNBACH has been doing this for years. But the Internet is craving for cats driving a truck or dogs playing paintball.

Our solution: Combining tutorials and loopy projects. Because everyone has a desire for the unnormal that breaks with routines. This was the inception of the "Man Cave" - the revolution of the online tutorial; a DIY series in the footsteps of Netflix.


In the fifth and final episode Mancave protagonist Herold manages to create a grand finally by inventing a real self-made hover-chair. He uses the armchair that used to be in his way and pimps it with nothing less than six leaf blowers.


Every fridays. At 2 pm. The Man Cave ruled the HORNBACH Facebook Channel. After the online community got used to this rhythm, it cried out to see the next episode already on Wednesday.

During 5 weeks this digital campaign was spreaded in different social media channels. On Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter all these heroic projects were broadcasted in a short video. On YouTube as pre-role ads, on Facebook the whole episode was shown, on Instagram 15 sec. versions of the episodes as loops and on Twitter as sponsored ads. First it was teased with a short trailer on these channels. Afterwards the full video of each project was published. Moreover there was a trailer shown in cinemas. In all these playouts was a link to the "Man Cave" microsite integrated. On this site people found all projects including the construction plans.

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