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The Book of names was the first one in its category. We gave Toyota owners the chance to have their beloved car immortalized in a book.

The book included the most compelling and endearing stories behind the names. We worked with a team of talented designers and artists to create personalized designs with visual interpretations for each of those selected stories. The book also included the list with all the names and fun facts about them and their statistics.


For over a year Toyota owners were able to request a badge with the name of their car and tell us the story behind it. We gathered more than 150,000 stories. The out of those names and stories we took the most relevant ones. With the list of all the names and the best stories, we designed a book. We printed 6,000 copies and sent them to dealerships and those who shared their story with us.


The goal of this campaign was to deepen connections with existing customers. We wanted to thank

Hispanic Toyota owners and get them talking about their love for the brand, rather than increasing

new car sales (Toyota is already #1 among Hispanics).

The campaign resulted in the most user-generated content in the history of the brand, exceeding all

goals and established benchmarks:

• 4x the benchmark for Facebook engagement rate (9% vs. 2.2% initial goal)

• 2x the benchmark for Twitter engagement rate (3.06% vs. 1.25% initial goal)

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