Master & margarita. I was there

SLAVA, Moscow / GOOGLE / 2017

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Google is perceived as a foreign company and people in Russia are skeptical as to the relevance of their products to a local audience. The brief was to drive local relevance with a campaign aimed at driving brand key indicators of what matters to Russia.


AT STAGE 1 (AUG, 30 - OCT, 1) OF THE PROJECT WE ANNOUNCED A CASTING TO FIND READERS with an announcement video that used 360 YouTube technology showing celebrities reading extracts from the novel. Users were invited to the website to chat with characters from the book using bot technology. Having answered several questions with yes or no answers, users were transported to a place in the famous novel that corresponded to their answers. The users were given the corresponding extract to the book as material for their audition for a live online reading of Master and Margarita. The audition video was recorded and uploaded by users without leaving the site. AT STAGE 2 (NOV, 11 - 12) 530 PEOPLE FROM DIFFERENT PLACES IN RUSSIA AND BEYOND read the whole book “Master & Margarita” one after another during a 2-day live broadcast on YouTube.

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