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Meanwhile in the Pepsi-verse

SPECIAL, Sydney / PEPSICO / 2023

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Pepsi has always been the alternative choice but was producing glossy mainstream advertising in traditional media channels that showcased their brown fizzy liquid. In other words, beyond branding there was little to differentiate a Pepsi ad from its main competitor.


Our brief was to create distinction between ourselves and Coke by championing the alternative in a way that made our rival look old and expected by comparison.


- Create dramatic brand reappraisal by celebrating the alternative.

- Increase positive sentiment about Pepsi from our target audience: Gen Z.


Pepsi has always been the alternative choice. To celebrate our status, we created a parallel universe filled with better alternatives, a seemingly infinite world that included films, filters, influencer submissions, AR experiences and more. All were crafted to take the form of lo-fi assets designed to appeal to our digital-savvy target. To access this ever-changing content all people had to do was find and scan a Pepsi logo. In doing so, we turned a usually passive branding device into the gateway to a media channel that people actively sought out. An appropriately alternative media for the ultimate alternative choice - Pepsi.


Target Audience

We needed to engage Gen-Z, an audience not caught up in old school tradition but fresh, open-minded and hungry for change.

Media Planning

We had to deliver work in a way that felt totally new. The Pepsi-verse achieved this by transforming every Pepsi logo from a passive branding element into a gateway to an innovative media channel.

Relevance to Platform

The use of mobile was central to this campaign. Indeed, without the ability for everyone to scan Pepsi logos, the Pepsi-verse would have been impossible.


To create mass awareness of the Pepsi-verse we used broadcast, cinema and OOH; as well as influencer contributions. To give a sense that the Pepsi-verse itself

was an infinite, ever-changing parallel universe, we created over 60 assets ensuring users were served something different every time.



Turning every Pepsi logo into a portal meant developing a bespoke online scanner. Once a logo was found, this always-on, simple point-and-read scanner sent users instantly to the Pepsi-verse. Now that we had a one-of-a-kind content channel, it needed populating so we set about producing over 40 brand films, 20 influencer contributions, 1000s of UGC posts, filters, AR experiences, rewards and more. All of which embraced an intentionally non-commercial, lo-fi look to appeal to our digital-savvy audience. Awareness of the Pepsi-verse was spread via broadcast, online films, influencers, OOH, packaging and cinema.

Media Channels and Integration


Ideation: January - May 2022

Production: June - August 2022

Launch: September - December2022

Activation ongoing


This was the most exhaustive, innovative initiative ever undertaken by Pepsi Australia; turning every one of their logos into a portal to create an entirely new media channel.


See confidential section for campaign results

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