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MSTF PARTNERS, Lisbon / PT MEO / 2013

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In December of 2012 there was one exclusive topic everybody was talking about: the end of the world. But we had to make people curious about the re-launch of the Portuguese telecommunication brand, MEO.

So we went to a small village in Portugal where NASA believes the life may have begun: Cabeço de Vide. There we put MEO’s new logo as geoglyphs in a field. We filmed it and put online without any explanation of what it was.

People’s curiosity about it was so big that suddenly everyone was talking about MEO’s new brand in the news and in the social media.

So when we revealed what the strange marks really were, we had all eyes on it. Everyone was looking at the new brand of MEO.


In Cabeço de Vide we made huge geoglyphs that were actually the new logo of MEO, but we told nobody that. We filmed the geoglyphs and put them online via a user account, with the user saying that he was scared about what he saw.

Word spread pretty fast and in a few hours there were people talking about it in social medias.

A short documentary revealed what the geoglyphs actually were and launched a campaign featuring the new refreshed image of MEO and it’s new concept: MEO has been reborn.


-The created Facebook page had over 11,352,136 likes, shares and comments in the first 3 weeks.

- Great visibility for the re-launched brand in social media, websites and blogs before and after the revealing campaign.

- 10m people impacted.

- More than €300,000 in spontaneous media.

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