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JUNG von MATT, Hamburg / DAIMLER / 2012


2 Shortlisted Cannes Lions
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Mercedes-Benz offers innovations that no other car brand can provide and although the cars, built to extremely high standards and in the most innovative way possible, are peerless in their class we thought it was about time that someone transferred this ambition to the way customers experience the Mercedes-Benz website as well. Therefore we built a highly optimized website for smartphones and tablets that provides that innovation and class through a specifically crafted user experiences: A "lean-back" setting with a "lean-forward" approach. The site is particularly easy to use on modern mobiles via an optimized navigation and a special 'service-content' focus when away from home. The navigation's almost native app feeling also makes visiting the site feel like leafing through a magazine.Sounds good, right? Well that wasn't enough! Even the best website is only useful if it reaches the right people, so we refocused our attention on another target group: Future customers, sitting in the driver seat of their current car, say, for example; an Audi or BMW.Therefore we not only optimized the website for OUR clients, but also for future Mercedes drivers: THE FRIENDLY BRAND TAKEOVER.

We created the world's first automotive website that is specifically tailored to be displayed in cars of several other brands.

With THE FRIENDLY BRAND TAKEOVER, future Mercedes-Benz clients are now able to easily get to know their next Mercedes via the navigation wheel in their car’s dash console.The users activities speak volumes about the success: Taking all markets and devices into account, the number of page impressions increased by 1515%. The number of page views per visitor increased by 500%.And the maxim 'The best or nothing' is now not only relevant for automotive engineering, but websites as well.Even if you are not in a Mercedes. At least: not yet.


We made the test drive meaningful again.With "The Charity Test Drive".Every car is packed with donated items.And every customer testdriving a Mercedes-Benz model gets more than a test drive. He gets a task.


12 % more test drives during the campaign.37 % less Children's Villages with money problems.100 % happier test drivers.

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