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Adentity Marketing Communication AB / SONY / 2010

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Logistical effective but neutral boxes/packages were made into attractive, expandable in store Mini POS displays for the phone. Intuitive, self explanatory and effortless to assemble, they create curiosity and excitement when bored retail staff unpack new batches of display phones.Diecuts of solution with artwork are sent to printing houses near phone factories. The boxes are then assembled and packed together with the dispaly phones at the factory. From the factory the materials are sent directly to retail stores around the world.


-First campaign solution got a reach of over 100 000 stores across all markets with unprecedented response from local markets and subsidiaries. -Huge exposure in different store types in all types of markets from Asian corner stores to giant European chain profiles.-Strong and measurable impact on brand image amongst retail. -The extreme impact turned the concept into an ongoing program. Latest campaign reaching over 200 000 stores.

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