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HAVAS MEDIA, Brussels / MOBISTAR / 2014

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We developed a real time display concept & technical solution for online bannering and TV to manage and dispatch the challenges towards multiple touch points.

The banner campaign starts with a call to action to take part in the challenge of the day, and share a picture tagged with #deelheelveel or #toutpartager. In the banner we show real pictures of people who participated. The visuals and people’s names were in real time pulled from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

In one commercial block two TV commercials were shown. The first one, at the beginning, announced the challenge. During the spots we collected live the #deelheelveel and #toutpartager pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. One picture was selected and sent to the channel. The channel integrated this picture in the second commercial that was broadcasted at the end of that commercial block.

Within 4 to 5 minutes the picture and name of the person who posted it, was collected, approved, scaled, sent to the channel and integrated in the TV commercial.


The campaign allowed Mobistar to create a real buzz amongst a young population, the main target of the brand in this case. Participation level to our challenges was excellent considering this was the first time such a campaign was launched and the number of Belgians on Twitter and Instagram represents a niche.

For every challenge approximately 100 pictures were posted. Only one picture was used in the TV commercial at the end of the block, and in total this allowed us to make 41 different TV commercials. The banner generated a CTR of 0,5% and several participants had the luck to appear in it.

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