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AT&T has a moment of exclusivity at each home game that is designed to level-up the in-stadium energy and inspire fans to make noise for the Cowboys. The greatest challenge is breaking through the frenzy of distractions and other media to engage an audience that wants to be served anything, but an ad. This video placement had gone 5 years without an update and AT&T was in need of content that would captivate and speak to the entirety of the Cowboy Nation fanbase. The brief was to excite and engage Cowboys fans by demonstrating “Connecting Changes Everything” in a :90 immersive, all-screen takeover moment to bring them a greater fan experience. We needed to develop a creative idea that would increase brand awareness, perception and likability all while ensuring the Cowboys’ team remained center focus.


As the saying goes – everything is bigger in Texas.

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is home to The Dallas Cowboys, the biggest franchise in the National Football League, commonly referred to as “America’s Team.” Throughout its 64-year long history, they have been the home to some of the most legendary players and some of the most iconic plays.

To celebrate The Dallas Cowboys and showcase AT&T’s commitment to the team, we decided to hero those iconic moments, giving the fans something to get excited about, all while paying homage to the iconic phrase.

The video plays across 14 screens including the jumbotron which at 72 feet high by 160 feet wide is the biggest screen in the NFL and among the biggest in the world, during the first half of all home games at The AT&T Stadium.


Since the Dallas Cowboys is “America’s Team,” their fanbase ranges extensively in demographics. From fans who witnessed the original Hail Mary pass in 1975 to those who staked their loyalty over the 2014 Dez Bryant ‘catch’ debate, our :90 video had to inherently speak to every single one. AT&T leaned into the insight that “everything is bigger in Texas” and used it to illustrate how the love for football in Dallas is as big as the city itself by creating custom Dallas Cowboys lyrics to the self-proclaimed Texas anthem, “Texas” by BigXthaPlug.


The response was incredible, fans in the audience recorded and shared the video across social media where it organically went viral and received over 5 million combined views and over 700k likes in the days following the launch, with an overwhelming positive sentiment and even managed to win over some of their biggest rivals:

“Not a cowboys fan but that is crazy lit!”

“As an Eagles fan I am saddened to inform you that this went undeniably hard”

“As an Eagles fan that hates the Cowboys I gotta admitt that’s dope”

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