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The country’s largest insurance company, Old Mutual, understood that educating the consumer not only creates future demand for their financial products, but also delivers on the company’s long-term responsible-business goal, creating a generation of financially savvy South Africans.

They set upon shifting the consumer’s behaviour to equip them with the confidence in their own ability to improve their financial wellbeing and in doing so, secure their future.

Moneyversity is a free gamified online course platform. Through a combination of animated narratives, games, infographics and articles that made financial education both effective and endearing, Moneyversity brought an accessible financial education tool to South Africans across mobile and web platforms.


From the release date in October 2017, Moneyversity has been regularly updated with content. The platform’s total of 10 courses now live include: 2 games, 37 animations, 30 quizzes, 13 infographics, 11 articles and 4 calculators. The content is hosted and managed in a Learner Management System with an added layer of gamification to keep users engaged and drive them to complete courses to earn certificates. Moneyversity is available on web and mobile platform to answer to South Africa’s high level of mobile penetration.


So far, 65,000 South Africans have benefited from bite sized, accessible and free financial education.

94% of users find Moneyversity easy to navigate, 95% of users find the language easy to understand and 77% of users have learned something using the platform. Overall, 95% of users report having a positive experience on Moneyversity.

Moneyversity users spend on average 2 minutes per page (a good indicator that they have found content of value to them on the page), they also watch more than 90% of videos. About 40% of Moneyversity traffic is return users. Finally, 27% of users have expressed interest in receiving more information or purchasing Old Mutual products online.

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