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Mountain Dew GoCap

COLENSO BBDO, Auckland / FRUCOR / 2016

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We knew our audience captured their epic footage, so we set about creating a way to combine two of their passions - the thrill of landing an epic trick and filming this to share with the world. Mountain Dew GoCap.

Our idea took Mountain Dew off the sidelines and put it right into the action, by turning the humble bottle cap into a tool for our consumers to capture their awesome content. GoCaps can be used as a hand held camera grip, as a tripod for ramp tricks, or as a floating mount in the surf.

Mountain Dew was no longer just a refreshing CSD, it was the must have accessory of summer for all action sport lovers. A simple idea that clearly communicated our brand philosophy: to get to easy, you have to go through hard.


Three simple components – a nut, a bolt and a slightly modified bottle cap with three prongs.

The GoCap works in exactly the same way as any traditional GoPro mount does – attach your camera to the mount, secure the bolt and you’re ready to capture the action. The bottle genuisly then became a rig, a tripod and even a float.

The cap has the MD logo within the injection moulded design and on the bolt, so everyone knew the brand, regardless of the bottle it ended up on.

This had great value for Mountain Dew. Not only did we increase distribution channels but we were able to bring Mountain Dew and our drinkers closer than ever.


The GoCap opened up a new distribution channel for Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew is now stocked at three leading skate retailers nationally, stores that traditionally do not stock any beverages. Giving more visibility to the brand with our heartland consumers in stores they love to go to.

Thanks to the mould and tool produced for the cap, we can now produce on scale, with interest from PepsiCo regionally to produce it for the Oceania region.

More than just a cap, the GoCap adds real value to our consumers, as they no longer need to purchase a mount, a tripod, a float or any accessories for their GoPro.

The 700 caps produced and distributed through retail skate stores and our social channels were gone in less than 6 weeks. We could not keep up with demand.

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