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Football is the most popular sport in Colombia. Our competitor had taken a great advantage, sponsoring all national teams and tournaments. But this year was historical, Colombian sportsmen became key players in UEFA Champions League. Heineken, the official sponsor, had a unique opportunity to engage with Colombians.

There was a problem, the matches are broadcast when millions are at work; our sponsorship would be worthless if no one could watch the games.

Our solution was risky but effective: We created a huge movement to change companies' lunchtime.

We contacted hundreds of employees through the most relevant media for them; but word of mouth was our most powerful weapon. Thousands of football lovers spread the word and helped us reach their bosses, and we did everything to convince them.

We achieved a massive cultural change, but we couldn't have done it alone. A national football legend, the most influential people in media, but most importantly, millions of people took part of it. Creating lots of PR content for both the brand and the campaign. Even 6 CEO’s of the most important companies in the country joined, Adidas, Pepsico, Deezer, MTV, helped us change the lives of thousands of workers.

In just a few weeks more than 200 companies moved the lunchtime. We engaged with an entire country in a way no brand had done before; Heineken and thousands of customers worked together to watch the UEFA Champions League.


We launched Heineken, creating a movement to help Colombians watch the UEFA Champions League live. Doing so we became a relevant brand for our customers, and engaged with football fans community.

- Thousands of Colombians helped us nominate their bosses and reach them directly.

- Then, we did everything we could to change their minds about moving the lunchtime in their companies. We sent them Heineken special edition with a personalized message of a national football legend, and even asked to influential media people to talk directly to them.

- Finally we convinced the harder bosses live. Hundreds responded our call, and joined the movement.

In less than two months, more than 200 companies joined helping us create a massive cultural change, for the good of Colombian football fans.


- More than 200 companies joined our movement, and became Champions League Friendly. So far, 64% of the nominated companies.

- Thousands of football fans, supported our campaign. 97.6% positive interactions in social media.

- Facebook users grew by 84%.

- Twitter Hashtag, have almost 2 million Timeline deliveries, in just one day.

- +50 media channels talked about the campaign.

- That’s more than 84 million media impressions, in the first 2 weeks.

- Thousands of Colombians now could watch the matches Live. An entire country, moved its lunchtime.

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