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Mr. Robot Debt Deletion

ISL, Washington D.C. / NBC / 2016


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To bring our idea to life, we built a custom set inspired by the hacker lair from the show providing our fsociety members a place to interact with Twitch viewers during the livestream. The set had a realistic and cinematic grittiness, which helped transport people into the distinct world created in the series.

We started the campaign by hacking into Twitch's livestream at the E3 and seeding 13 scripted vignettes with custom messages from fsociety.

Through carefully choreographed vignettes and an artistically designed set, viewers reaped the benefits of our fsociety's digital corporate takedown as we deleted over $100,000 of the people's debt in real time.


"Over the course of the 17-hour livestream, we let the audience dictate the actions of our fsociety members — communicating in real-time with the hackers via chat, Twitter, and Facebook. This real-time engagement proved to viewers that the stream was truly live and was by far the most effective way of engaging with our audience.

Viewers were incentivized to host our campaign on their personal channel knowing they could be called out live by our hackers. Throughout the activation we saw over 2,700 people host our stream!

Twitter was also a key player, with nearly 65,000 people tweeting @whoismrrobot over three days. Many of these tweets proposed challenges to our fsociety hackers, which were accepted moments later, live on set.

Every 30 minutes the hackers would reveal a new code, giving viewers a chance to reclaim a portion of the $100k. Ultimately 1200 winners were announced & paid live.


The campaign ultimately garnered 1,562,280 total views, 309,651 email entries, 63,363 twitter entries, 17,367 max concurrents, 8,549,422 million minutes of video watched, and a potential reach of over 25 million. This is the first time a TV network, more specifically a scripted drama — has built a custom digital, interactive experience for the Twitch platform. It is also by far the largest cash giveaway that has been done using Twitch. From the concept to the set to the reaction online, this was a campaign teeming with firsts and the buzz created helped Mr. Robot secure a season 2 renewal before the show even premiered on USA Network.

Mr. Robot is the winner of two Golden Globe Awards, three Critics' Choice Television Awards, one Gotham Independent Film Award, and the Audience Choice Award at SXSW.

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