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My Mobile And Me

C-SECTION, Istanbul / VODAFONE / 2016

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Case Film
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To overcome the challenge, we needed to find a way to connect with our entire customer base. Since we couldn’t let them know directly, we wanted the customers to willingly come and explore the offers. And to do this, we needed to give them something personal and unique; something they would love to explore about themselves. New Year's was just around the corner, so we thought: Let’s give people an end-of-year overview of exactly what they did with their phones in 2015. So we created “My Mobile and Me.” A website that summarizes your relationship with your phone in 2015. And to do this, we utilized data that only Vodafone could provide: Yearlong network data on usage for each customer. This amounted to the analysis of 175 billion pieces of data.


The strategy behind the idea was based on some very simple insights: We love online content that is relevant to our lives and helps tell our stories. And just like our fingerprints, our mobile habits are unique. We take our phones everywhere we go and use them for different tasks. We thought people would really like getting an overview of exactly what they did with their phones during an entire year. By willingly coming to the website and accessing the data we provided, they would also give us a chance to talk about Vodafone’s custom offer. For each customer, yearlong network data on usage was analyzed. This kind of comprehensive data laid the ideal context to talk about switching their plan to a more suitable one. Some of the data we provided was: How long was their longest phone calls? What was the longest time they spent without touching their phones? How many missed calls did they have? If we turned the text messages into a book, how many pages would it be? And other data that showed exactly what customers did with their phones. In other words, we designed a personal experience about customers’ usage habits.


To start the campaign, we announced the project only via SMS, to customers on the small opt-in list. Yet, through word-of-mouth and social media shares, over 1 million Vodafone customers visited the website in just 2 weeks.187.000 custom videos were shared on social media. And 37.382 customers signed up for the offer from the website and switched to a custom plan.

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