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HOOK, Ann arbor / GOOGLE / 2019

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The Google Assistant is always on the hunt to elevate itself above its competitors. So we partnered with Disney to try and think about ways to promote Solo: A Star Wars Story using the Google Assistant. We needed to create something that really showcased the power of AI; a new voice command that could really drive interest and conversation.


We created the first-ever AI assisted talk show where you get to be the host and ask celebrities your burning questions. Just say “Hey Google, talk to My Special Guest” to start chatting with Alden Ehrenreich, Emilia Clarke, or Ron Howard.


The Google Assistant has seen tremendous adoption of adults between the ages of 18-49. While we have a considerably more useful actions available than our competitors, we still need to create surprise and delight moments that build brand affinity and show people the “magic” of Google.

So we leveraged our machine learning and AI capabilities and let users control more than their GPS or lights. We put them in control of interviewing the greatest stars in the world.


First, we partnered with Disney for the release of Solo: A Star Wars movie, and captured the responses of commonly asked questions from the leading actors and director.

We then programmed an app for the Google Assistant, building out an entire user journey guided by voice prompts and custom AI.

People could then say, “Hey Google, talk to my special guest” to launch the experience and conduct their own self guided interview with the celebrities.

To promote the campaign, we created social and Display assets to drive traffic and awareness for the app.


Interaction count on launch day alone was 42,000. Time spent per session averaged 50 seconds, with a high of 130 seconds, which is well above other app averages. We also averaged a 4.5 user rating on the Google Play Store.

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