Cannes Lions

Never Idle: Run

VALVOLINE, Lexington / VALVOLINE / 2017







In the natural and physical world, there is rhythm and there is motion. So says the British philosopher whose voice hauntingly captures the ethos of the film.

We open on an older racecar drifting around a dirt track at sunset. A lone driver seeking faster time. This is about people in perpetual motion: an unending quest for improvement. It’s a garage of friends resurrecting an old truck; a young woman dreaming of conquering a motocross course; friends on the open road; cafe racers blazing through the desert. Free, yet in pursuit of time.

All the while, piercing voiceover continues to press for a deeper consideration of the limited time each of us have. The pace quickens; flashes of light intercut with our characters propelling themselves through failure, toward perfection. The spot closes as the viewer is asked, “Are we going to take time seriously? That is the big question.”

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