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STUDIO 5.5, Paris / PERNOD RICARD / 2019

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Since 1932, the brand Ricard has marked the daily life of French people through its objects of service, essential to the ritual of consumption of the eponymous pastis. Glasses, carafes and jugs have accompanied French generations as an aperitif, in bars and cafes.

In 2018, Ricard perpetuates this strong legacy of more than 80 years with a new pitcher.

The objective was to redesign a popular French icon originally designed by its founder Paul Ricard while retaining the local roots that make Ricard an emblematic brand of French popular culture and embody the conviviality that it represents.


Our first vision was to ensure this new pitcher was in keeping with the brand’s heritage. It had to be ceramic and made in France. As designers and with humility, we wanted to perpetuate a form of heritage by designing the item to interact with its history while creating a jug in tune with the times. Therefore, we recommended reconnecting with the Revol family business, which produced the Ricard jugs for many years.

After spending many hours in the manufacturer’s archives, we were convinced that the new pitcher had to offer formal continuity, preserving the structuring lines and usage specifics of the original design by Paul Ricard.

In this sense, our Ricard jug pays homage to this great entrepreneur with a passion for creation. A formal synthesis that encapsulates the essence of this pitcher, which has been part of the French aperitif for decades.


The body is now a perfect sphere in bright yellow enamel, like a nod to the sun, the symbolic figure of the Pastis de Marseille.

The handle is rounder and fits into the globe like a solar eclipse, creating an imaginary line from which the spout, like a parched mouth needing a drink, bursts forth towards the sky. A tension that makes the water seem infinite when in reality it has never been more precious.

The upper opening remains tilted to prevent the ice cubes escaping during service. Rather clever!

Raised on a simple cylinder, this jug has a great pride, 100% made in France.

As a nostalgic souvenir, the Ricard logo remains relief-moulded to continue the imprint in the collective memory.


Thanks to the warm welcome of journalists, consumers and collectors of Ricard objects, the new pitcher becomes a cult object that defines French popular culture again.

The design approach and its local production restore the taste of Made in France service objects and allows to reconnect with French know-how.

Thus, the brand maintains its dynamism while capitalizing on its history to keep seducing new consumers.

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