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ABSOLUT has always been known for its creativity and artistic collaborations. It began with Andy Warhol’s first iconic interpretation of the ABSOLUT bottle - the first modern creative collaboration between artist and brand. Today, ABSOLUT continues to reinvent the creative collaboration by inspiring the world’s most influential creative minds to envision more vibrant worlds based on ABSOLUT’s product and brand beliefs.ABSOLUT’s Drinks campaign was built around the product truth that ABSOLUT creates exceptional drinks. From Peppar to Citron, its unique flavors and base product quality enable ABSOLUT to create iconic, signature cocktails such as the ABSOLUT Bloody and ABSOLUT Cosmo.Building on the ABSOLUT tradition of creative collaboration, we asked visionary photographer Ellen Von Unwerth, “What would the world of the ABSOLUT Bloody Mary look like to you?” Together we brought these ABSOLUT worlds to life, crafting a unique and vibrant environment for each, and chose actresses Kate Beckinsale and Zooey Deschanel to play characters inspired by these signature ABSOLUT drinks.

The campaign was launched in print, and then canvassed major markets around the globe, while consumers were given an exclusive look behind-the-scenes online and through Facebook.


ABSOLUT would first canvas the creative community with guerilla OOH and flyers to spread awareness, and then seek overall program coverage to generate awareness of the artistic movement to come to Tribeca – providing the calendar to bloggers, writers and taste-making hubs in NYC. A teaser video was released on YouTube, showing the development of Thirty Days NY from the start, and the ABSOLUT Facebook page also had updates that spoke to the target– inviting them to Thirty Days NY, and providing post-event coverage with photos and videos.All the while, was growing, filling with editorial coverage from the space, and acting as a viral, social hub – providing content for other bloggers to pick up and share with the rest of the world.ABSOLUT continued to invite the creative press community into the space throughout the month, as well, securing incremental coverage.


The film’s launch at Sundance generated 17,319,573 branded press impressions. reported “The most buzzed about right out of the gate was Spike Jonze’s I’m Here.”The subsequent global screenings attracted over 10,000 live viewers.

When the trailers launched, another 6,404,955 impressions were earned. Finally, when the full film debuted online to limited audiences, another 36,744,854 impressions were generated. The site itself experienced 900,000 visitors in the first two weeks.

For Thirty Days NY, the press from the opening week garnered over 2,800,000 press impressions, and included coverage from destinations relevant to our creative class target – such as The Fader, Creativity, and Interview.Ultimately, the brand succeeded in reclaiming its creative platform, and paved the way for additional visionary collaborations to come.

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