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Niet Omdat Het Moet

INDIE, Amsterdam / TELE2 / 2016

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Lil’ Kleine and Ronnie Flex are currently Holland’s most famous hip hop duo. They personify the mantra, and therefore the artists best equipped to reach the target audience. We deliberately chose to give the artists as much creative freedom as possible, so the content would stay as credible and appealing as possible to consumers. Because young consumers in particular have a strong aversion to forced advertising. The artists made their own interpretation of the mantra, which they then brought to life in the video. The result is a song and a video with minimal branding but suspiciously strong similarities with the commercial.


Both the agency and the artists tease the new track, album and album artwork the month before the release of the Tele2 number (reach posts: 558.444). Tele2 starts the social campaign, which links the brand to the artists, and gives away tickets and meet-&-greets for the release party. The day before the release, snippets are teased (reach: 236.262). The premiere of the full track and video is exclusive, first to Tele2’s social fans, then fans of the artists.

The whole of the Netherlands is aware of the much talked-of collaboration between TV’s two best viewed showbizz programmes, RTL Boulevard (9th highest ratings that day with 1.019 million viewers) and RTL Late Night (761,000 viewers). Justin Bieber’s record for most listened to artist on one day is broken. The release party and album release follow the day after the single release. The aftermovie and making-of come out during the following weeks.


Immediately following its release, the video was discussed on the popular Dutch TV programmes RTL Boulevard (average 950,000 viewers a night) and RTL late night (average 800,000 viewers). Several records were broken:

- In 1 day, album streamed 1.5 million times on Spotify and within 2 days it was number 1 streamed album.

- Within a few days, the video was the most viewed on YouTube in the Netherlands (6 million views in 3 months — the Netherlands only has 16 million inhabitants).

- Within 1 week, track was number 1 on official Dutch singles Top 100 and Mega Top 50.

- Track goes triple platinum (10 million streams).

- Never before was 1 artist listened to as many times on 1 day as Lil’ Kleine the day ‘Not because I have to’ was released.

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