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Night At Dracula's Castle

AIRBNB, San Francisco / AIRBNB / 2017

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On the night of Halloween, two winners re-lived the story of Jonathan Harker, as they journeyed through Transylvania during the night and finally approached a mysterious castle on the top of a mountain.

They explored the castle and its dark corridors, creepy nooks and squeaky staircases. The host, Dacre Stoker, the great grand-nephew of Bram Stoker, accompanied them on their quest to solve Dracula’s mysteries and explained his legend and connection to Vlad the Impaler. The guests felt asleep in luxurious velvet-trimmed coffins in complete silence, with only the sound of wolves roaming outside the castle.

The combination of mythic spooky castle, bloodthirsty legend, and an iconic literary classic resulted in unprecedented media interest and an extraordinary response from the public.


The exclusive with Associated Press announcing the ‘Night at’ syndicated in +200 outlets worldwide. Dacre Stoker's quote on the press release became AP’s top rated quotes of the day, next to a Trump-related quote.

The strength of the story around Halloween resulted in three global newswires and a TV network (AP; Reuters; AFP; CBS) covering the winners experience extensively. Selected target media from priority markets and major newspapers and consumer publications featured the story throughout the day resulting in extensive TV coverage (NBC; ABC; France 2; Antena3; CZTV) and +2000 press hits.

Opinion-leading online channels developed share-worthy creatives from the official media footage allowing for Mashable earning +100,000 shares on Facebook. Augmenting the hype, social drove conversations through Instagramer @Moners exploring Transylvania, and the FB live drone flight simulating a bat flying around the castle (+30,000 lifetime views) broadcasting the ‘Night at’ experience perfectly timed for the American prime time.


Press hits: Actual 2,008 / +5x Benchmark

Competition entries: Actual 88,000

Signups: Actual 49,000 / +2.45x Benchmark

Earned impressions: Actual: +27MM / 1.8x Benchmark

Likes: Actual 749,000 likes / +1.22x Benchmark

Shares: Actual 42,000 shares / +1.48x Benchmark

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